Problem with build atom for linux


I started at my first time to build atom and I have a problem at the commend: script/build, it’s output No such file or directory, what should I do?


You should run it like this: ./script/build.


@yotamN2 depending on your distribution there may be packages for that already.

I’m using Manjaro and I can install it with yaourt.


Not sure if you’re already doing this, but you need to ‘cd’ into the atom source directory first. So if you’ve just cloned from git,

cd atom



If you are doing this and the build script doesn’t exist then I don’t think your source tree is complete


@anomaly256 I did it, I think the problem is with the npm, I’m not sure why but I’m able to install only npm 1.3 and I need 1.4 for atom :frowning:


@yotamN2 what distro/version are you using? And what version of nodejs?


@anomaly256 I have Ubuntu 14 and NodeJS 0.10.25