Problem with Atom root

Hey I have a problem with Atom. I have changed something on the “open config folder” and the program is not able to compile and run

this is the error

  1. When making a request for help, please take a proper screenshot and do not crop it (you’ll end up excluding valuable information).

  2. That error message was not generated by Atom. You are trying to compile C or C++ code and the compiler is giving you an error because something about the file you’re trying to run is unrecognized. When posting a question about a package, you should make sure to identify it.

Fortunately for you, I already know the answer. The fact that the error message tells you the compiler was told to run a file named ToBegin tells you everything. Do you have a file by that name? (I can’t tell because you cropped out part of your window.) If so, you should call it ToBegin.c. If not, then you have a space in the middle of the name and the package you are using does not play nicely with spaces, in which case you should remove any spaces in the names of any folders or files where you might run code using that package.