Problem With Atom re-installation

yesterday while i was using Atom, it crashed, and it didn’t restart. So I re-installed and a the finish of the installation, it doesn’t start automaticly, ad if I run it manually It does nothing, i tried to restart my pc end disinstall more and more time Atom, but nothing, Please help me

Before you do this, open your task manager and make sure there are no processes called Atom.exe running. Then answer the following questions.

What happens when you open the command line and type atom --safe? If that doesn’t work, what happens if you type atom --clear-window-state?

Do you mean windows cmd ?

Because the cmd tell me unknow command

cmd is the default command line program for Windows, yes. Any of them work, and you didn’t say that you were on Windows.

Please post a screenshot of the folder you see in AppData/Local/atom.

You seem to have run into this issue:

Please try the workaround provided and tell me if that works. Open the command line and enter these two commands:

cd C:/Utenti/dipie/AppData/Local/atom
atom --squirrel-updated

It should create a folder called bin/ with four files in it. If that doesn’t work, you can download copies of those files from here and create the folder yourself and that will work (you may need to add C:/Utenti/dipie/AppData/Local/atom/bin to your Path if it isn’t there already.)

It still not work

What happens when you try atom --safe now? Keep in mind that you might need to restart the command prompt window if you haven’t already.

It starts but still doing nothing

It is present in the task manager

Atom starting is a good sign. It means that what we did did work, and now we just have to figure out why it was giving you trouble on startup. Close the Atom process and try again with atom --clear-window-state. Most of the time when this sort of issue happens, that command is the one that will fix the problem.

If it doesn’t work, then the next step will be for you to rename the folder at C:/Utenti/dipie/.atom/ to something else and then start Atom.

Sorry about all of these steps. You ran into two separate bugs, and we had to fix one before the tools to fix the other one were available to you. Most of the time, your issue is caused by corrupted data in Atom’s session memory (which is fixed by --clear-window-state). However, it’s important to try atom --safe first, because that’s a diagnostic tool that tells us whether a package or your configuration is at fault. It’s also possible that something in .atom/compile-cache/ has gotten corrupted, so removing that and forcing Atom to rebuild it can fix this sort of issue if --clear-window-state doesn’t.

When I run atom --clear-window-state it runs but continue to show nothing, so I kill the process and following you by renaming the folder in .atom windows throw me an error, so I tried to run the atom --safe command, but it still not work

What error?

It still not start, it runs in the task manager but it does nothing

I was asking about this:

What error are you getting when you try to rename .atom/?

specify the name of the file

That’s because Windows Explorer doesn’t acknowledge names starting with periods as valid. You need to rename it to something that doesn’t start with .. You can also do it from the command line, which won’t cause you any issues.