Problem with Atom and Vagrant


I use vagrant for wordpress development, more precisely VVV or Varying Vagrant Vagrants. When I add project in editor, everything, folders and all in sidebar is grayed out


The grayed out stuff are items that match a .gitignore.


aha, ok, when i inspect the tree view in dev tools everyone has a class of .status-ignored?
How to fix this, my global gitignore file is empty…where is all this gitignored :smile:


anyone :slight_smile: …how to solve this problem?


What’s in your local .gitignore?


my local .gitignore? hmm usr/local/.gitgnore, there was /* at the top of the file…i removed that, but nothing changed…


No, I mean the .gitignore file that’s inside the directory you’re opening with Atom


well i use vagrant and all my projects are in vagrant-local folder…there is .gitignore file


What is the path of the directory that appears to be ignored in Atom?


my-user-name/vagrant-local/www is where are all my project files,
usually path is like this my-user-name/vagrant-local/www/project-name/htdocs/wp-content/themes/theme-name,
if that makes sense to you :smiley:


Mmm, more specifically, in your screenshots you have opened two folders: gulp_site and another one I can’t really read (seeba?)… Where is this second folder located on you disk AND relatively to your .gitignore file?


gulp_site is in Sites folder, no problem with that, only with my vagrant folder and wordpress themes development…

this is my vagrant-local folder… .gitignore file is screenshot that i posted above.
I do not have that problem with Sublime Text 3.


If the directory that is ignored is inside that www directory, then it’s normal. You have to remove that rule from the gitignore.


Yes it is, and when i remove that rule all folders and files in sidebar are green, untracked git files or something?


Exactly. Those file were never added to your git repository.
If this is not what you want, you might want to consider to move that directory out of that git repository, so that Atom won’t treat it as such, just like a normal directory.


Well, I can’t move it because of vagrant, www folder must be in the vagrant-local folder.


Mmm then I’m running out of ideas. Maybe you could try by making hard links or something like that…


So, I’ve been following this … but I’m not really sure what the problem is at this point. It sounds ilke:

  1. It was unclear that things were gray because they were ignored
  2. Then it was unclear why they were considered ignored
  3. Now it is clear that they should be considered ignored because of your .gitignore file

So … is there still a problem and how can we help?


Yes, i moved www folder outside of my vagrat folder to my home and created simlink, I think it’s ok now :smile: . Thank you @frabert and @leedohm