Problem with a protocol creation


Hello everyone,

For a project, I have to create a bower protocol who shall be a shortcut to file.

Example: bower://jquery/dist/jquery.min.js is equivalent to file://…/…/…/app/bower_components/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js

Here is my code :

My problem is : at the top of one of the bower’s files I have a relative link towards another bower’s file ("… /another/file") unfortunately my custom protocol does not seem to understand("…").

bower://iron-input/iron-input.html contains …/polymer/polymer.html and nevertheless the asked page is bower://iron-input/polymer/polymer.html

Thank you for your help


You strip the first characters off the URL, under the assumption that the URL starts with “bower://”. But what if the URL starts with “…”?

Maybe you can add some logging or use a debugger to see what is the URL when the function is invoked on a relative URL.


Hi, thanks for the answer.

I’ve already tried the console.log on the url retrieve in the protocol handler and it seems that the “…” are just skipped without any reason.



I have another idea. Well, it’s more a stab in the dark.

How about you use URLs of the form bower://localhost/iron-input/iron-input.html?
Note how HTTP has the hostname in that position (after :// and before the next /).
Note how the file protocol uses extra slashes even though that portion of the URL is empty: file:///foo/bar.