Problem to use formatter-astyle in atom


I installed 1. formatter
2. formatter-astyle

but I am getting a path warning that i have to install some files in root folder but I dont know what is this root folder.

Can anybody guide me to use tthis package please?

Beginner question - Formatter-style

The root folder of a project is the folder at the very top of your tree view.

Have you installed Artistic Style?


sorry I am a beginner, I have downloaded Artistic Style from this link, but its just a zip file I extracted it and inside this there is a exe file but i dont know how to install this because its open just a terminal.

will you please help me? to set the path (how to do thison windows) and the thing .astylerc

I am very much confused


.astylerc is what Linux users often call a “dotfile” (because of the . at the beginning) and provides configuration options for Artistic Style when it runs. There are instructions for how to use it at the Artistic Style documentation. According to the formatter-astyle documentation, the default place for the config file is the root folder of your project in Atom.

By downloading formatter-astyle and looking in the package’s settings (File -> Settings -> Packages), I can see where it gives you the option to set a path to the Artistic Style executable. The default is the command astyle for if you choose to put the astyle.exe directly in your system PATH variable, but you can put the file anywhere as long as you tell formatter-astyle where to look.


Thanks a lot, problem is solved


Good to hear. :slight_smile: