Problem saving .env files in windows


In having trouble saving .env files on my laravel project , im using Windows 7.

Anyone have the same issue ?



Could you please specify which kind of troubles you’re experiencing when saving .env files? Your problem could probably depend on some external package. Did you try to run Atom in safe mode?


hi , the problem is that when i want to save a .env file try to save as rootfoldername.env and this file is not found (and of course is not found) …
i just run as safe mode and i have the same issue.

This is the error that appear
Unable to save file 'site.env’
EPERM: operation not permitted, open ‘.env’



It seems to be a permission problem. The file you’re trying to save is a readonly file, so Atom does not have permissions enough to edit it, as expressed here:

There is also an open issue related to it:

As far as I’ve seen, this is still an open situation.


I think that not the problem , becouse im the owner of the file also i have setted all permission to total control in windows (file / folder )

this is strange …

I can edit the same file with sublime and i dont have any issues at all.



Do you have the “Back Up Files Before Saving” setting enabled? If so, do you not have write permissions to the directory where the .env file resides?


No, is not enable, and yes , the file is writable.
i have to rename the file, created another one in Atom and copied the content inside it and works …
The original file was saved with sublime and original created by composer deploy. has the same permissions that the new one … i don’t understand … encoding issue ? i dont think so both are utf-8.
Thanks for all.



I have the same problem. There is one file in the folder that cannot be saved with Atom (other editors have no problems). All other files are fine. I checked permissions - they are all identical.