Problem on Atom startup

I’m using Atom for ubuntu.

Since a few days from now Atom has started behaving in a strange way:

  • ctrl+click does not work anymore (it just selects the new clicked point as if I did not press ctrl)

  • Every time I open atom, I find two unsaved files called atom (/usr/bin/atom) and ATOM_DISABLE_SHELLING_OUT_OF_ENVIRONNEMENT=false (/home/username/ATOM_DISABLE_SHELLING_OUT_OF_ENVIRONNEMENT= false)

Even if I delete these two files, every time I start atom again I find them instead of the previouly opened project.

I tried to completely reinstall Atom and even to delete /home/username/.atom folder, but nothing changed… Any suggestions?

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Same problem here but in elementary. Also I have the first problem on Windows 10.

Yes, I also have the same problems. It started yesterday for me, it was working well before.

I am not sure if this will solve your issue … but be aware that there are other folders around.

$HOME/.config/Atom for example.

If I want to totally purge Atom for a fresh install or troubleshooting I first try backing up this folder by renaming to $HOME/.config/Atom-BAK … same approach applies to $HOME/.atom … then reinstall.

A fresh installation of $HOME/.config/Atom will appear next time you run Atom.

There might be other such elusive folders for different packages. For example markdown-preview-enhanced uses $HOME/.mume

I tried deleting them too but it didn’t work. Then I realized that my Atom version (installed from Ubuntu software) was not the official one.

I installed Atom from here and these files do not appear anymore.

Still having problems with ctrl+click

Although packages in Ubuntu repo are often older than the latest version, in my Ubuntu 18.04 through Synaptic Package Manager I see Atom 1.48.0 (the latest).

[P.S.] Try Keybinding Resolver to test Ctrl+click

Is this an Atom feature?

ctrl+click actually works in any other application…

There was a regression in Atom, for now you can apply the temporary fix.

There is apparently also a separate issue with Atom installed via snap, but that’s for whoever distributes the snap version to figure out; instructions for setting up the official Atom distribution (to get it working with apt) are in the Install page of the flight manual.


Thank you, it helped!

What do you mean by regression? Is this a permanent choose made on purpose or a bug which will be fixed soon?

Regression is a bug introduced by a later release than the original feature. What happened was multi click was finally given an option to be disabled, but was checking the wrong config path or something.

Thanks again, I didn’t know about the definition of regression…

Problem solved :wink: