Problem installing package


I can’t install this package …

C:\apps>apm install open-within-system
Installing open-within-system to C:\Users\Administrator\.atom\packages failed

Unable to download 400 Bad Request Repository inaccessible

I seem to remember this happening before. Is some part of the server down?


It is probably related to Unable to update packages?, but that topic was closed.


It isn’t related to that issue … because that was just that the server was being overwhelmed due to the release of Atom as open source. There doesn’t seem to be any traffic issue today.

Sorry for the big ramble that follows, I was typing things down as I discovered them. Essentially, the package was renamed to show-in-system. I’m leaving the rest so people can see how I debugged this issue.

On the other hand, the construction of the package in question is a little suspicious. According to, the last update of the package was on the 1st of April. But there wasn’t a tag created on that date if you look at the Releases page. Also, according to apm … the latest version is v0.1.2:

$ apm view open-within-system
├── 0.1.2
├── package to open files or directories within the system file manager
└── 1 star

Run `apm install open-within-system` to install this package.

But also according to the Releases page, there are two versions newer than that one. It looks like the package was renamed:

to show-in-system. It looks like it wasn’t unpublished. Then again, in the beginning of March, I’m not sure if the unpublish command existed :grinning: