Problem in using atom in windows 10


Hello Team,
I am using atom from longs days, now i got problem in atom that the menu bar at bottom which contains reconnect,upload,download,settings etc is disappeared.As soon as possible please help me to get back the bar so that i can start my work


That’s not a menu bar. That’s the status bar, and you should check in Settings -> Packages to make sure the status-bar package has not gotten disabled somehow.


It’s not working properly


Is status-bar enabled?


Yes status bar is enabled


Any another way???
Please help as soon as possible


Did it also contain the row and column of the cursor? If you go into status-bar settings, is the Is Visible setting checked?


Yes it is visible ? Please suggest me any other solution for this



yes it is visible(it has been blue tick) but the status is not available so please suggest another solution for this


So the setting says the status bar (should be) visible. Perhaps a screenshot of what you see would help?