Problem Font colors?


I seem to have a problem with colors of a theme (Seti-Syntax). I hope you guys can help me out here. It may be something rather silly but it really changes things.
This is what i get

This is what it should look like



Try setting the font rendering to subpixel-antialiased as in this topic:


Thank you @leedohm , that has improved it, but i still can see a difference. Any other suggestions?


From where did you get the screenshot that portrays what it is supposed to look like? Is it the same OS? The same version of Atom? Trying to match colors exactly across rendering engines is next to impossible. There are a couple topics here on the board enumerating the issues. The anti-aliasing is the only suggestion I have that would make a material difference.


Also, what difference exactly are you referring to? Are the highlighted colors slightly different? Is it still too blurred… etc etc?


@leedohm I got it from here, it doesn’t specify which OS it’s running on neither which atom version. I’m running v0.127 on elementary os (ubuntu 12.04 kernel). I guess i can live with it, thank you very much.

@batjko Well i would like the colors to be a bit more brighter and stronger (for example the white is too opaque, well colors in general but specially the white). I can see a difference with other text editors, like this one:

I understand it’s not the same theme, editor, and that contrast and background are slightly different but i have checked with similar themes yet that difference on the colors opacity is a little disturbing.