Problem configuring tidy with linter


Hi there, I am quite new to web development and Atom. I have installed tidy html5 and linter, but i don’t know what file i need to edit to add the path to the tidy execute. The tidy execute is on C:\tidy-5.6.0-vc14-32b\bin but I don’t know where i need to add this path for linter to work. Thank you in advance.

here is the error console message:
\HALLEL.atom\packages\linter\lib\linter-registry.js:159 [Linter] Error running tidy Error: Failed to spawn command tidy. Make sure tidy is installed and on your PATH
at C:\Users\HALLEL.atom\packages\linter-tidy\node_modules\atom-linter\lib\helpers.js:102:24
(anonymous) @ C:\Users\HALLEL.atom\packages\linter\lib\linter-registry.js:159
util.js:1022 Uncaught (in promise)


Either you can add it to your system PATH, or you can go to Settings -> Packages and click on linter-tidy, where you will find the option to add a custom path.


Thank you very much DamnedScholar for your reply, unfortunately I don’t have the input field as shown in the screenshot. Here is what the Linter Settings looks like on my machine. Is there a file in the code I need to modify in order to access the full path to the tidy executable.If yes, which one is it?
Thank you for patience and great help.


Those look like linter settings, not linter-tidy settings. Show me the package name at the top?


Hi DamnedScholar,

Silly me!! You are absolutely right, I was looking at the wrong package. I see it now. Thank you ever so much for your patience and priceless help. Peace out.