Problem Compiling - New Programmer


Hello , im a 19 year old guy from greece. im trying to learn programming and ive been using codeblocks for c and intellij for java. i found atom and it looks great! but how to set it up? what is it missing? all i did is download the console (cmd + i im using a mac) , but a basic hello world compiles up to 2 minutes… what im doing wrong? what im missing? all i want is to set it up for c , java and maybe c sharp in the future. can you tell me what to install in the easiest way? it looks complicating through its settings :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

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Atom doesn’t support compiling anything by itself. See the FAQ:

As far as “setting up Atom” for various things, that depends on what you’re trying to do and a lot of it is personal preference or workflows built up over years. Part of the beauty of Atom is that it can be configured however you like. If you’re new enough that you’re not sure what you like … then take the time to experiment :slightly_smiling:

This isn’t really the place to look for help with that. (Also, from what you’ve said, I’m not sure you’re doing anything wrong.)