Problem: Atom 1.25.0 closes automatically


I downloaded and installed Atom 1.25.0. on my PC (ASUS N550JV) after a few minutes the program has closed. No system messages appear.
Every time I start the program, the program closes unexpectedly



It sounds like it but just to confirm, this is a fresh install of 1.25 and not an update from a previous version of Atom?

Not sure if you installed any community packages but can you try in safe mode (atom --safe)?

Also, are you opening a particular project or just starting Atom with no project?


Oh also, what version of Windows are you running?


it’s the first time I install Atom, it’s not an update from an old version.

I installed some community packages. I’m not practical about the program. How do I enter safe mode (atom - safe)?

I tried to open a project (bootstrap 3) but it closes suddenly. The same thing happens if I open Atom without any project.

Windows 8.1


On Windows you can use the cmd.exe program and then run this command to start Atom in safe mode:

atom --safe