Problem adding C library with gpp compiler


I’m using the gpp compiler package and trying to write a program using conio.h library but i get an “undefined reference to gotoxy()” error message when trying to run my code, although conio.h is apparently recognized as a library since i don’t get any other error messages (saying conio hasn’t been identified etc)

I already have conio installed on MingW and have added MingW to PATH, everything seems to be in order but my code still won’t run, so i assumed it’s something with the package/something i have to alter so gpp will recognize the new library.

Any help is appreciated.


Does it work in the command line?


sorry, i don’t know what you mean exactly but if you mean if conio works in the command line, it does.


The question was to ascertain whether there’s a difference between the output from when Atom sends the shell command versus when a console emulator does. If there is, then it’s likely something in the environment of Atom that’s interfering with the running.