Printing support


FWIW, here is a talk about printing from node that might help someone working on printing. I haven’t watched it myself.


+1 I would like this feature too


I too, was looking for this. My workaround was to use the export-html plugin and then print from Chrome. Worked like a charm and lets me print to other media like PDF, too!


Gitprint looked great until…

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I rarely have to print, but when the document is “subway-order.txt”, it really does come in handy, unless I have the ability to “text to phone”. atom-printer did the trick, thank you.


Ok so I just discovered the lack of print functionality. (Has this thread really been going on for 2 years?!! Have we not all agreed on the popularity of printing by now?)

A print function is so essential to be a modern text tool - it’s genuinely funny trying to explain it. Whether it’s bringing code with you on the way home on the subway or printing off notes/outlines to hand someone in a meeting, it’s just essential. Isn’t there a library we can extend to integrate? I love ATOM, so let’s get this and a built-in SFTP function (remote-ftp is decent, yet a tad wonky) and I’m good!


We understand and agree that printing support is important to some people and workflows. However, this is something that the maintainers team isn’t going to be investing in building. Additionally, we aren’t going to be accepting PRs to add printing support to Atom itself. We encourage anyone who is interested in printing support in Atom to work together to create a community package that would add this functionality. If there are reasonable APIs that would need to be added to Atom to facilitate a package like this, we would be happy to work with people to get those built and added.


I understand and I’m SO rooting for this as my goto for everything. I can hardly believe how many packages I’ve installed too. Summary - It’s a wonderful architecture you guys are building.

So if we can get a 3rd party package built - would it be possible for that package to insert “Print” in the File Menu? We’re going on 25+ years of that UI standard for printing. How can I help?


You can easily add a “Print” menu item to the end of the File menu, yes. There isn’t an API for inserting menu items into the middle of a menu though. We haven’t been able to come up with a good way to describe where to insert menu items based on what other menu items may or may not be there already :confused:


What about this here?


Please see my response above:


It’s too bad that printing will not be part of Atom core, but I get that there are a lot of tasks you need to complete related to dev & test of code. I hope someone takes up the task. I have 40K+ lines of code, and sometimes I need to print code. My solution for now will be to use Atom for all my test & dev (I do parallel code dev, so I run my tests in a unix environment). I have used several applications for this and so far I really like Atom + git packages. For printing, I plan to run TextWrangler in “disk-browsing” mode, where it automatically senses file changes, and print from TextWrangler.


please check:

It print or export to PDF with good syntax highlighting.
+1 for print configurable feature support in Atom


export-html supports my source code printing needs like a charm.


I don’t know why the author chose the “export-html” name, but that plug-in does actually print pages like you would expect from a normal modal dialogue. +1


I don’t need to print, I just want a “View > On Paper” menu option. Or, a “File > Export > To Carbon” feature. I won’t use it every day, just on days like today where I want to turn my ASCII art into a paper missile.


Have you checked to see if print-atom, print-code, or export-html accomplish what you desire?


Thanks. export-html was exactly what I was looking for.


4 years on and yet the most basic function of any text editor is still not implemented.



But it was implemented. DamnedScholar offered three possibilities, and nrobinson2000 says export-html suits his purposes. Why not try that and see if it helps you too?

I would argue that editing text is the most basic function of any text editor, but what would I know :man_shrugging:. I personally have no use for “printing” any of my code, and have no idea why you think it should be part of core. There are plenty of “essential” or “most basic” functions that are maintained as community packages, not core ones. There is little difference between core and community, besides who maintains it.