Printing support


I haven’t had access to the beta yet, but I’ve seen no mention of printing support in the documentation. This is a feature that’s missing in SublimeText, for example, and it would be nice to know that it won’t be forgotten about in Atom.

Would some beta user kindly post a summary of whether Atom currently supports printing?

How to print a file with Atom?
Please add ability to Print!
Ability to print
Ability to print
Is it develop POS application?

Doesn’t look like the beta does, at least from looking in the menus.


I don’t have any inside information, but I saw this new repo and I think this is can be the beginning of print support in Atom.


Arrived at this thread because I couldn’t find any printing functionality in Atom. Like the OP, I really hope this will be added as this is the thing I miss most in Sublime Text.


When did Sublime Text add printing support?


It didn’t? We’re all saying that this is a feature missing from Sublime Text and that we’re hoping that unlike, ST, Atom will have printing support!


Agree - lack of printing support is a major missing feature in Sublime Text, and it’s the first feature I looked for with Atom, because I wanted to print the Welcome buffer.

  1. Go back to 1990
  2. open file up in word
  3. goto file print


Lack of printing support is one of the reasons why I’m even looking beyond ST which is a great editor. Please add printing support to Atom.


I would also like to have print functionality.

node-webkit has limited support for printing. The atom core seems to have similar limitations.

In the meantime, perhaps some sort of PDF exporting plugin could be used in conjunction with native mac printing (e.g. lpr or perhaps even core prinnting). This doesn’t seem to exist yet.


I just found, I know it is not the same, but this can be helpful for those in need of printing a file. It uses GitHub, but who doesn’t?


Plus one from me too.

I just spent a happy day a few weeks back, trying out Atom for the first time “This is pretty good!” I thought, as I installed a few packages and twiddled and tweaked the interface a bit… only to discover, much later on that there is no ability to print.

Seriously, devs. What the hell were you thinking? A text-editor without the ability to print is about as much use as a bicycle without wheels.


Sounds like something that could easily be a package, as long as some node module supports access to installed printers

Maybe this one:


I tried to use that node module and ran into problems. If I remember correctly it needed the stable version of node and Atom is out on a limb using the latest unstable version. It might work now. That module would be perfect.


can window.print() in chromium be used? It almost works for me on my windows machine in the sense that:

  • It gives me the print dialog
  • It sends stuff to the printer
  • only it is somewhat garbled:


Is this on a roadmap somewhere? Or perhaps a package to do this? Just need plain text printing.


Questions about the official Atom roadmap can be answered by taking a look at the links in this topic:

That said, printing is not on the list. That doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be done, just that it likely won’t be in v1.0.


There is an npm package for printing on any OS: node-printer. I tried to get it to work and had trouble building it. I should try it again. I think I had setup problems with GYP.


I got to install, what next? Some kind of package that puts a menu item under File, then reades the active tab?


I can write a package to use that. If you want black-and white text I could have it working in a few hours. Color highlighted would take a few days. I’ll try to get to the B/W version tomorrow.

Edit: of course if can write a package that would be even better. (grin)