Printing module


Printing is obviously a big hole in Atom’s features.

There is a module for node that can print on windows, macs, and unix (probably linux). It has C++ bindings and supports every aspect including job control and reporting. Project is here.

I was going to add this as a package but I think it has to be in core. Some questions …

  • How do we add an npm module to Atom’s node?
  • What do we do about modules that require a specific range of node versions?

Assuming this has to be in core, where do I put in a feature request?

  1. You add an npm module to Atom by adding a line to the package.json in the root of the project
  2. This part I’m much less clear on other than, to my understanding, Atom packages a specific version of Node within it … so we should be able to depend on the version of Node being used
  3. Essentially, you’ve already done it … but if you want a formal request … you can create an Issue on Atom Core: