'Previous automatically saved project state detected' comes up every time


Any time I open one of my “projects” (folders) I get this dialog:

Why does this happen and what can I do about it? I am opening folders stored on Dropbox and used between a few machines, is there some kind of conflict? I use Atom on each machine.

Every time!


Does the pop-up occur when you open Atom the first time, or only when you’re adding a project folder to an existing window? Because it says that you’re doing the latter, and it’s giving you a warning before the state information that was associated with that other folder gets forgotten.


When I open Atom, an empty window is opened, so whenever I try to open a project, I get this dialog, I guess because that opened empty window has some kind of state attached with it? I don’t know how to prevent this.


I had the same issue. After I run apm update, the issue has gone.


Not the window. The folder has a state associated with it, and the dialog is giving you the option between opening that folder as its own window and adding the folder to the current window.

I think that the easiest way to circumvent that dialog would be to keep Terminal open and open Atom via CLI. You could set up an alias for wherever you keep your code, then have very short paths to type to get to any particular project.


I’m facing this dialog since updating to 1.17.0. No matter which option I choose it opens up every time.


Ok, I have to correct myself. It doesn’t open every time. Instead it only happens when there’s just an empty “untitled” window open and I switch to a project by pressing CTRL + CMD + P.