Preview window for open tabs?


In many editors (WebStorm/IntelliJ, Eclipse, etc.) when you hit ctrl+tab you see a small window with a list of open tabs.
So, instead of jumping to the next/previous tab, while you didn’t release the ctrl button you rotate in the tabs list.
Only when you release the ctrl button the editor jumps to the chosen tab.

Something similar to switching between windows in desktop OS.

Do you know any package that does something like this?
Could it even be done?



If you press Cmd+B on OS X, Atom brings up a fuzzy finder list with the open tabs and allows you to select from them by fuzzy matching.

Does that help?


Hi Leeo, thanks for the answer.
This looks like a nice solution.
I wonder though. can I make the tabs on this list to be ordered by last used?
This way I can change ctrl+tab to open this window instead of switch tabs.


Well, it’s a fuzzy finder list … so, that capability isn’t built into it. But you could implement your own or issue a pull request to the Fuzzy Finder package.


good idea. thanks for the help!