Preview Markdown doc links to images to other host with authentication


In my md file I write a link to an image inside other host.
This host is a server with authentication access.
Then, the links is not show as images, fail it.

How do I see the links using an authenticate user?

Cesar Jorge


Can you open the image in a browser?


When I push the md file to repository, I see this image correctly in my repository url, after I authenticate myself in the external host using same browser.
In my case I use a sharepoint server to store images.


Try using browser-plus to authenticate yourself on the external host in Atom, then see if your images appear.


Hi Dammed!

Great, is working correctly!!!
Thank you very much for your help

Atom is a great tool, but is a bit difficult to find appropiate resources :slight_smile:


Your situation is unique and it needed a unique solution. I just took advantage of the fact that Atom is built on a browser and acts like one in many circumstances to guess at a solution. It seems that I was right.


With a module markdowk-to-PDF this task fail.
The png remote images not exported (the preview show the images)


Well, that might be a bug with the package or you might have to download the images.