Preview different in chrome

Hey im new to webpage design and my problem is that my site looks completely different when i open it in chrome compared to the html preview in atom the css margins are offf how do i fix this

Unless you provide an exact description (pictures work) of the code involved and the differences in each viewing experience, there is nothing anybody can do to help you.

Without seeing the source it is really hard to know. One possibility maybe is the surrounding HTML maybe effecting how you’re viewing in preview. Is it a complete HTML document with HTML open/close tags? It also looks like the element maybe block versus inline layout.


We definitely need to see the code to tell you what is happening.

Please take proper screenshots instead of camera pictures. For Windows, I use the open-source program ShareX. It’s feature-rich and automatically uploads every screenshot I make to a cloud account of mine, then copies the URL so that I can instantly paste it into my post.