Prevent script text-wrapping output

I’m using the script package in Atom and the output is wrapped to the next line after approx. 70 characters (I’m using arrays with complex entries, which may be why it’s not a round number). Is there a way to turn off text wrapping so I can see a whole array without a split in the middle of each line?

Not seeing what you describe reduces this answer to guess work.
Reply on what assumption are right / wrong.

If the guess is correct:
Deselect soft wrapping or adjust preferred line length.

Realise that Atom has a hard limit of 500 characters per line. If you wish to see more, you will have to use another application.

… or you can run a script to breakout of Atom to run in an external terminal (as a popup window) such as powershell or (in my Ubuntu setup) gnome-terminal or yakuake. The advantage is that you can apply your own styling to the output and you need not dive into the innards of Atom.

Outputting to a text file would have made sense … but again the character limit hits you if you want to open the text file in Atom.

Following your idea instead would be best - whatever the OS is.
How about triggering from Atom by process-pallet (?).

Sorry, I should have included an image. I’ve now solved the issue - turns out it was numpy’s built-in linewidth option that caused line breaks in arrays. Solved by np.set_printoptions(linewidth = [something large])