Prevent opening file in new tab if it's already open


In the settings for tree-view, I can say that I want files to open in exisiting tabs if available. Can I somehow get this behavor all over atom, for all packages? For example, the package latex displays a log with file links. If I click a link, it opens a tab in the same pane as the log, even if the file is open in a a tab in another pane. I would like to instead focus that other tab but latex does not have an option for this.



You will have to make a change to the package’s code. Specifically, you will have to find the function that runs when you open one of those file links and tell it to scan through your existing pane items to see if the file in question is already open.


I was afraid that would be the answer :confused: That means I have to do that for every single package that can possibly open a file. Thanks for your answer!


Most packages don’t open files for you. I doubt this will be a common problem unless you use that one feature of latex a lot.