Prevent creation of shell commands


I don’t use atom as my primary editor and I have a command-line script beginning with the word atom so having an actual atom command on my path inconvenient for tab completion.

I thought atom was only supposed to create the command line tool links in /usr/local/bin if specifically asked. I’m seeing them created every time the editor loads.

It’s a minor point, I’ve just added a couple of lines to my ~/.profile to delete them, but it seems odd that they would created without asking.

I’m on OS X 10.11, Atom 1.8.0


Atom has always attempted to install the shell commands on startup. Here’s a PR from before the first public release where the functionality was enhanced, but even then it already was installing the commands on startup:


Interesting. I assumed the existence of the menu item implied it didn’t do it automatically.

Oh well, the rm -f commands in my profile will have to do.