Pressing "tab" doubles up my previous input

So when I start off typing for example…


It will obviously suggest “

” but when I press tab to accept the suggestion it will not remove my old input but instead add on to it. So what comes out is…


Is there a setting I am missing here? I came from sublime and it never did this.

Okay obviously putting actual HTML code is not going to work well on the forums lol.

But pretty much it ends up with “<<div” and so on. I want it to complete the entry not make a whole new one that “<<” is really annoying.

This forum uses markdown, so `put inline literal text in backticks`

and put code blocks in triple backtick fences

(it won’t show the ticks when you do this, I’m specifically making it show them)

As for your question, I think you’ll find the autocomplete prefix is just div, so it’s not even looking at the < before the prefix. Hence why it appears to be doubling when you add < yourself before the snippet prefix.