Prerequisite for windows, how to install/ configure


I just wanted to try atom to substitute subllime on my windows 10 machine. After installation i tried to install the package “language-rust”. This ended with error

Packages that depend on modules that contain C/C++ code will fail to install.
Read here for instructions on installing Python and Visual Studio.
Run apm install --check after installing to test compiling a native module.

So i ran apm install --check and got another error:

Checking for native build tools failed

gyp info it worked if it ends with ok
gyp info using node-gyp@1.0.2
gyp info using node@0.10.35 | win32 | ia32
gyp http GET xxx://
gyp http 200 xxx://
gyp http GET xxx://
gyp http GET xxx://
gyp http GET xxx://
gyp http 200 xxx://
gyp http 200 xxx://
gyp http 200 xxx://
gyp WARN install got an error, rolling back install

(i had to replace https by xxx - new users are only allowed to add 2 links )
I think there is something wrong?! What do i need and how to configure Atom to get it working correctly?

thanks in advance

Reading the error it seems that `language-rust` needs to compile some native tools, so you'll need a full setup to build on Windows: I stubbornly tried to build Atom with Visual Studio Community 2015 roughly a month ago on Windows 10 (Insider builds) and couldn't get it to work, so you may need to install the older Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop as is listed under Windows 8. If anyone manages to build with Visual Studio Community 2015 I'd be interested in knowing how to set that up. Note that even though the building instructions are for Atom itself, they are needed for any package that needs to build native tools during installation. Might be worth double-checking that `language-rust` actually needs it, because unless it manages to use its own parser it should be a simple package with only a bunch of grammar rules defined in `cson` format.

I looked at the package.json and it doesn’t list any dependencies. I tried to install it without a build system setup and it installed without any problems, so you don’t need to install Visual Studio, your problem is likely due to something else.

Can you try to install the package via the command line with apm install language-rust to see if that works for you?


installing via command line worked fine:

C:\Users\moritz\AppData\Local\atom\bin>apm install language-rust
Installing language-rust to C:\Users\moritz.atom\packages done


so probably the build system stuff is only needed by the package install front end in gui?!