Preprocessors like haml and sass


Is there an easy way to set Electron up to use haml in place of html and sass for css?


There is nothing from stopping you to set this up for your Electron app just like you would for a website. I use Gulp as my build system, and in that I have it build all my sass into css. I don’t use haml, but it would be very easy to do with Gulp (a quick Google search found gulp-haml). This is not necessarily even related to Electron. You can set this all up outside of your Electron stuff. I easily integrated Sass into using this Electron boilerplate that already uses gulp:


Ok. Thanks for the reply. Didn’t know if there was anything in Electron’s setup that might cause a problem. Had searched for this but didn’t find anything on it. I came from a Ruby/Haml/Sass house and haml is so much cleaner to work with as well as sass.