Preparing Atom for React


I want to know how can I prepare Atom for developing with React in the best way.
First this package :
What about linter?there is packages but I cant make them work OK.What is the best linter?

Is there any package else you think its good for developing with React ?


IMO, the best React development experience in Atom will be provided by Nuclide when it’s released.


So for now and with current Atom what the best we can do?


There’s quite a few react packages already! Try them out to see which ones you like the best :smile:


As I said first I have problem with linter and cant get a React linter works in Atom and want to know what other use and how.


Nuclide is out now!


Has anyone tried any of the nuclide packages yet? I am afraid they won’t work well independently. I have no reason to think this other than a gut feeling. Overall it is a big rewrite of a lot of existing package functionality…


But without React support.


Perhaps you should be more specific about what it is exactly that you’re expecting when you say “support”? People are trying to be helpful and you’re making it difficult.


I said and I thought its clear supporting a language is all you need for develop easily like linter as I said but about “support” take a look at here:
"Support for the iOS, React, and React Native use cases are all on the upcoming roadmap"
Also I thank other’s and your helps.