Preload atom for faster startup



Chrome uses preload to improve startup speed and, well, I think it works pretty well. Is there a way to enable the same preload feature on Atom? It is very annoying to wait for 3-4 seconds for Atom to start, especially when you just have to quickly edit a file. Running an instance of Atom in background wouldn’t do the trick since the startup time is exactly the same, no matter how many instances are already open.

Thanks in advance.


If you want to see what is taking so much time, you can use the Timecop package. In many cases, it is non-default packages being loaded and activated that is taking so much of the time. You might want to consider filing a bug with the maintainer of the packages that are the worst offenders.


Hi leedohm and thanks for your interest.

I’ve already profiled the startup with Timecop but I can’t see any particular package taking too much time (please see the screenshot below). I disabled a couple of the built-in packages (metrics in primis) but Timecop reports 1.016 seconds while I timed it to an average of 2.5 seconds. I forgot to mention that mine is a clean installation of Atom 0.115 on Windows 8.1 Pro x64. Sublime Text on the same system starts in about 0.5 seconds (with many packages installed).

Do you have any more suggestions?


No, I don’t have any more suggestions. It looks like you got all the big time sinks out of there.