Prefered function keys for your user defined shortcuts


Hi forum,
I’m new to atom and to make things a little bit easier for me I have a set of actions that I want to create my own keyboard shortcuts for. However, I don’t get along with the logic that all the plugins use to assign their shortcuts…
I’m trying to find some function key combination that I can use for all my own shortcuts without getting too much in conflict with predefined shortcuts.
Something like ctrl + shift + X is “free” for my own shortcuts all the time…
I searched the web a lot and there doesn’t seem to be such a structure behind the shortucts (at least I could not identify it).
So: How do you assign your shortcuts? Just on good luck?


You can open the Keybinding Resolver using Ctrl+. which shows which commands are bound to the keystrokes you input.

You can read more about keybindings in the Atom flight manual