PouchDB with LevelDB database in Electron

Hi Community
I’m new to Electron!..how to setup LevelDB adapter with PouchDB instead of IndexedDB because I want to store offline data about 1GB approximately in Electron .exe file, so I go for LevelDB adapter but I don’t know how to start with LevelDB after seen this note : ( Storage limits with pouchDB and Electron).
Can anybody help to setup LevelDB database

Im using CouchDB as remote Database if the internet is available. want to use Local Database as LevelDB for Windows Desktop application using Electron with Node.js. Written in Vuex with Quasar framework

The post immediately after the one you linked to tells you how to get started. What difficulty are you having?

yea! i tried this db = new PouchDB('dbname', { adapter: 'leveldb' }) i dont know what exactly it does @DamnedScholar

And i dont know where it will store the database so. @DamnedScholar

Neither do I. How can we find that out? Perhaps by Googling pouchdb and going to the web site. Sure enough, there’s a page about adapters.

Ok thanks @DamnedScholar

I’ve been working on getting PouchDB with a SQLite or LevelDB adapter to work in an Ionic 3 app running inside Electron, while storing the databases in a specific directory. This allows me to use the same databases no matter where the app is installed and whether it is running in development mode or has been installed from the packaged and published version. It also allows me to make a ZIP file of the databases so new installs will have most of the existing data immediately, instead of having to wait for PouchDB to sync all of the documents from a central CouchDB server, which takes 45+ minutes on my system.

Anyway, it’s a bit tricky to get it to work with LevelDB and/or SQLite, mostly because Webpack makes PouchDB get really finicky, but it seems to be working if anybody still needs help with this kind of setup.