PouchDB with LevelDB database in Electron


Hi Community
I’m new to Electron!..how to setup LevelDB adapter with PouchDB instead of IndexedDB because I want to store offline data about 1GB approximately in Electron .exe file, so I go for LevelDB adapter but I don’t know how to start with LevelDB after seen this note : ( Storage limits with pouchDB and Electron).
Can anybody help to setup LevelDB database

Im using CouchDB as remote Database if the internet is available. want to use Local Database as LevelDB for Windows Desktop application using Electron with Node.js. Written in Vuex with Quasar framework


The post immediately after the one you linked to tells you how to get started. What difficulty are you having?


yea! i tried this db = new PouchDB('dbname', { adapter: 'leveldb' }) i dont know what exactly it does @DamnedScholar


And i dont know where it will store the database so. @DamnedScholar


Neither do I. How can we find that out? Perhaps by Googling pouchdb and going to the web site. Sure enough, there’s a page about adapters.


Ok thanks @DamnedScholar