Potential bugs on Ubuntu


Got the latest code from GitHub, built it and got it run.

Environment: Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit, node.js 0.10.26, npm 1.4.3

Some bugs found in my case are:

  1. Menus such as File, Edit, View, etc. are clickable but not useable. No sub-menu pops up
  2. When viewing some file containing code more than 100 lines, the last line can hardly been seen completely. You can refer to the image:
  3. Shortcut hints are still Mac compatible, why not transfer them to the PC way?

Anyway, it’s a great editor, but needs some polishing.
Hope those annoying bugs can be fixed soon

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I have the same error with my Ubuntu 13.10 64bit


I’ve got the same configuration and the same problems…