Post-install problem "shm_open() failed: Permission denied"


I liked the look of atom so I thought I’d install it on my centos7 machine. It installs (apparently anyway) but it won’t run, stops with error message “shm_open() failed: Permission denied”

Here’s what I see…


You used sudo yum to install it. Does yum require sudo? If not, you may have installed it so that it’s owned by root. You can test by using sudo atom, and if it opens, there’s your problem.


Odd, with ‘sudo atom’ atom appears to start then immediately exit:


No atom screen actually appears. Is there a log somewhere?


as regards using sudo for yum install, it’s required with the environment setup…


On second thought, I think you should check out solutions for the shm_open() failed error. That seems to be a separate issue.


I’ll have a look later on. Thanks.