Possible to run Netflix in electron?


I’d like to be able to open Netflix on a given display. When trying it the login is disabled though?

Anyone know the reason?


Have you tried using Brave? If Netflix works there, then it’s possible for it to work in Electron.

The web site might be disabling logins because it’s getting requests from a browser it doesn’t recognize. I don’t have an empty Electron readily available, but you can test the user agent for yourself by directing Electron to http://www.whoishostingthis.com/tools/user-agent/. If you need to spoof the user agent, this question will prove helpful.


I ran into this issue as well. It looks like they disable the login information if node is active.

The best way around this is to not load Netflix directly but load it in a <webview src="https://www.netflix.com"></webview> so that it’s in a sandboxed environment.

If you really want to load it directly, you should be able to do it by setting sandbox: true or nodeIntegration: false on the BrowserWindow:

  mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
    webPreferences: {
      plugins: true,
      sandbox: true,
      nodeIntegration: false,

This was as far as I got with netflix… I can log in but DRM issues cause the video to not play. I asked a question related to Widevine DRM 12 days ago and haven’t gotten any responses yet. If you (or anyone) figures that part out I’d love to hear about it!