Possible to optimise startup time for single files?


I downloaded Atom, today, looking for a replacement for Notepad 2. One thing that doesn’t seem optimal, with Atom, is the startup time if you’re just opening a single file - say from file associations.

Is there some way to optimise it? I have nothing but the vanilla distribution installed - no extensions or add-ons. Perhaps there is a way to turn off the folder tree loading or whatever.

Anyway, what I’m looking for is something super light-weight that opens quickly. Notepad 2 is a bit ancient and Notepad++ doesn’t really suit me. I like Atom… but I need Atom without the bulk. Recommendations are fine if there’s no simple way to make Atom more light-weight.


There’s really no way to make it faster. The Electron backend is basically like opening a whole browser. Performance improvements are a priority of the dev team, but the chosen design has some flaws that can’t be worked around. You could keep Atom open in the background and use that window for everything. I use both Atom and Notepad++: Atom for doing sizeable work where I want to be able to customize my tools or have pretty highlighting, and Npp for when I’m just popping open a config file to change a couple of settings.