Possible to make Electron apps respect Emacs movement shortcuts in Linux?


Hi, this is more of a question as a consumer of Electron apps than as a producer of them.

I recently switched from MacOS to Fedora and one of the few remaining annoyances I have yet to fix is that the Electron apps I use (such as Slack) don’t respect the Emacs movement shortcuts (Ctl-A,E,N,P,F,B etc) setting in Gnome, presumably because it does its own key-handling.

I rely on these shortcuts heavily as the arrow keys feel just too far from the home row for me, and one of my keyboards doesn’t even have any arrow keys on it :slight_smile:.

Is there any way as a consumer of Electron apps to get these shortcuts to work in them? I’m not holding out much hope that the answer is yes, and I can’t imagine it’s a priority for many people, but I thought I’d ask at least.