Possible to include ruby in app?


Is it possible to use ruby based apps in Atom-Shell? Meaning, can a self contained copy of ruby and any required gems be included somehow?


I’m pretty certain it could, yes. But you’re now adding the cost of a third runtime being loaded (Chromium, Node and then Ruby) and having to come up with a method for marshaling information and calling code between Node and Ruby.


You could consider using Opal to compile your Ruby code into JavaScript and then execute that.

To give you an example of this done, there’s a proof-of-concept Shoes4 backend that uses Ruby, Opal and atom-shell. You can find it here


You can use the traveling ruby project. http://phusion.github.io/traveling-ruby/

see the Rakefile, and tasks, in the Brief Gem which I have packaged along with a node-webkit / electron project and got the expected result.

Currently I’m working on a slim / sass / scss live reload editor and using traveling ruby to package up sprockets etc.

Definitely doable. There’s some things to consider though. Gems with native extensions are one area.