Possible to have two atom apps not associated to each other?


Hi , I want to have another two atom applications which doesn’t have the settings sync with each other. One will be for general developing and the other one I want to be nuclide (facebook ide built on atom) as a stand alone.

Is this possible somehow?


If the only thing you want is to change which packages you have active, you can achieve that by placing the Nuclide folder in .atom/dev/packages/. It will then load when you activate developer mode, but not when you’re in normal mode. That’s the easiest, hacky fix. For anything more robust, you’d have to build a custom Atom that points to a different config folder.


Alright, Thanks!


Any idea where I would be able to change config folder? Not sure what I’m looking for.


There’s not one spot because it’s not designed to be changed. You’d have to go through each instance of “.atom” in the source code and replace it with your custom location.


Might be an overkill, but what about a virtual machine? You could set everything up so that a fresh virtual machine provides you with a full environment for Atom development. On your regular machine you’d use Atom just the normal way.


You can have two script files that each set the ATOM_HOME environment variable to a different value. See atom --help for some details on ATOM_HOME.


Thanks! Will definitely look into that. Sounds promising. :slight_smile: