[Possible Temp Fix] Windows - Freeze when switching back to Atom


First let me say I’m on Windows 10Pro. Atom runs fine on my Mac and I’ve seen it run just fine on another windows 7 PC just fine.

Past 2-4 days I’ve been going insane because atom decides to freeze for 2-3 seconds every time I switch back to it from another application.

I simply added Atom’s directory to my Anti-Virus’s exclusion list and it solved the issue.
In my case the directory was as follows.
Replace {User} with yours.
app-1.6.0-beta8 will vary depending on your installed version of Atom

I hope this prevents someone from pulling their hair out.


Worked nice for me, thanks ! (I’m using Avast)


Was hoping this may also fix freezes experienced when inputting/modifying URLs. Unfortunately, no dice. Have you run into that issue, @pratham2003? If so, did you ever find a fix? Thanks!


Hey :slight_smile:
Sorry I wasn’t following this thread…

@KeitIG I am using Avast too ^^

@megalofauna It sounds to me like you have a package installed which in someway interacts / processes the links or tries to actually check them online.


Oh thanks! also worked for me my antivirus is Bitdefender