Possible problem with bracket-matcher

Hi, I’m a newbie and I’m just exploring Atom, getting to know what it can do. I was looking at the bracket-matcher package and testing it out in an html file when I noticed that the “<” doesn’t automatically autocomplete. All the other default pairs in the “Autocomplete Characters” list in the settings for the package seem to be working fine. I was wondering if any of the other autocomplete packages might be overriding it and if there is any way I can make it work?

Though the characters look similar, they’re not < and >. On macOS for example, you can type the first character (the ) with Shift-Option-3 and it will autocomplete the .

If you add <> to the Autocomplete Characters setting, that should work.

ok i think this is the problem i’m having, I’m kinds new and running macOS mojave

actually I figured it out, if i just start writing the tag h1 and press tab(per my pref) then it full completes it!

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Thanks for the responses. I’m actually using Windows. The <> was already in the Autocomplete Characters list. I think it was just a user problem. As I said, I’m very much a newbie and not used to how things work. It’s just different to what I used to use. Now I’m having fun working out how to do a responsive top nav with dropdowns…and I’m getting there… One tiny step at a time!

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