Possible for update not to show up when skipping?


I use a theme but I don’t like recent changes to it, so that’s why I installed it by explicitly providing a version number with apm install kimbie-light@1.0.1

Now of course the update keeps popping up in the update manager but I’d like to ignore it and keep skipping the version updates while remaining on 1.0.1.
Is there any way to skip this update and not having it show up trough Atom itself? Or do I just delete the .git repo in the package folder?

Thanks in advance


If I remember correctly, there’s no .git folder in the package directory.

You could also fork the package on GitHub, change the name in package.json and then clone it into your packages directory. That way you’ll still be notified of updates to the original theme :slight_smile:


Yeah but that’s not really a neat fix :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe if I can figure out where APM checks for version updates I could configure it there.


Change the version in the package.json of that package to something real high.

Remember that with updates, also bugs are fixed that you now miss.


Yeah but bug fixes for themes aren’t that important to me.
Thanks for the tip :smile: