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So I haven’t been using Atom long but so far, I like it. Coming from Notepad++, there are some things that I do miss however. These features may already be in atom and I just can’t find them or as a package in which I have used the wrong words while searching.

When I create a new file in Atom, I cannot set a language to it. In NP++ I would sometimes just open a new file just to write snippets with no intention of saving it but I could set the language so I got relevant syntax highlighting. Atom doesn’t seem to have this capability and it’s something I really need.

Another thing that NP++ has is that I can completely close it without saving files and come back and they’ll still be there. I have automatic updates set up on my PC so most nights my computer will reboot which means I lose any unsaved files in atom where NP++ keeps them. Also kind of related, If I set up package folders, I want them to remain there permanently. I don’t want to have to set them every time my computer reboots or I close atom for whatever reason.


As for your first request, you can change the syntax highlightning of a file by clicking the bottom-right text which normally shows “plain text”. You can then choose the language to highlight. You can also use the Command Palette for that, of course. As for your second request, it is something that it IS present in Atom but I never quite got around how it works since I don’t use it. It was introduced a couple of releases ago, so you might want to check some changelog or wait for someone more expert on this.


Don’t know how I missed the “Plain Text” at the bottom. I looked down there but mustn’t have thought it was a link.

I will have a look around and see if I can find it. If I can’t I’ll have to wait for an expert.

Thanks for your help.


“Grammar” is the term you wanted to search for. You can also use CTRL+SHIFT+L to open the grammar selection window if you don’t want to click things with your mouse.

For your third question, losing your package folders, it appears to be a bug. If you keep one file opened from inside your package folders when you close Atom, your folders should re-appear the next time you start up the editor.


As for the second request, Save Session exists for that. Atom is working on adding it to the core (github issue), but for now, Save Session will do what you want.