Popclip not working?


Anyone using Popclip and having issues?

I’m not sure if it was upgrading to Sierra or something else and just coincidental.



Yes I have the same issue not Sierra related I think. It works has expected in every apps except in Atom.


I contacted PilotMoon and they were looking into it. I’m going to contact them again as I forgot where we were at in the troubleshooting.

Very strange it’s only in Atom, which kind of made us think it’s an issue with Atom.


At what point do you last remember it working with Atom?


In my case, I noticed it after upgrading to Sierra, but didn’t remember if it worked before.

At first I thought that could be an atom package issue, but launching atom in safe mode doesn’t solved the problem!


for me it happened around the time of my initial post Jun 11, it’s never worked since then. I was in the Sierra beta program as well.


Just got an email from support that fixes it!

  1. Begin selecting text in Atom.
  2. Before you release mouse button, press Caps Lock.
  3. ‘Learn’ will appear; click!

hope that helps