Poll: How do you use Atom?


To reinforce @mark_hahn’s idea that not everything has to be so serious around here, I figured I’d post a poll (and to show all of you how you can do it too). Because I’m curious … I’m sure not everyone uses Atom for everything like I do, but I wanted to know how many use Atom how much …

  • I use it mostly to play around with
  • I use it only for my side projects
  • I use it only for my work projects
  • I use it for everything!

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Instructions on how to use the Poll plugin


Would like to use it for more, but its still far too buggy at the moment.


I am only posting in the hope that this will trigger accepting my vote. There is nothing in the discourse UI to suggest how to register a vote.

edit: It didn’t work. My vote is still not registered.


You just click one of the radio buttons on the left side. Are you not seeing them?


Duh. I din’t notice the number changed. And my brain expected some kind of OK button or some feedback less subtle.


For me it also highlights the line of the selected option as feedback:


At work I use an IDE so atom is for when I just need to view a text file, which happens 2-3 times a day.

At home it’s become my primary text editor now and I am using it exclusively.


At work and home I use it for all :smile:


Yes. If the browser is sluggish (mine was), then you don’t even see the numbers change.


Atom is my main editor for a few months now. My main complaint about it now must be launching performance. Other than that the app has come a long way and it’s quite pleasant to use, despite the ocasional console errors popping up. The slow launch time is what makes have Textmate at hand, which I use when I need to quickly open a single file or reference project. My main project is loaded in Atom.


I’m using it for everything at the moment. I came from using IntelliJ for a year or two, to using ST3 for a few months, I was just about to pay for a license for ST3 when I realised that development appears to have massively stalled for a while. At that point I decided to go all-in with Atom, I’ve had some issues with it, but I figure with all the active development and active community it’s only going to get better over time and package development has been a good experience so far (despite not having touched CoffeeScript before).


I’d love to be using it as my main editor but it just feels so slow compared to ST3. The switch to the the react editor helped a bit but scroll speed (and non-native feel), typing responsiveness and UI speed still make it feel clunky in comparison.

Is this something that can be improved upon to the point it feels native or is it more an issue of the underlying webkit-based platform?


My experience is very different from yours. I would recommend start by looking into what you have installed (plugins). Atom plugins are more accessible to any web developer than Sublime’s, which brings the advantage of more contributions but also some plugins with less than ideal quality.

Not saying that’s the case for you, but it might worth having a look at it. For me, except for launch times which are quite bad to be honest, Atom is performing as well if not better than Sublime. My ST install probably had some issues, but with it I noticed typing lag quite often, whereas in Atom I can’t complaint about that.