Pointers on profiling?


I’m currently looking into delaying loading all of my deps to lower load and activation time of my package: https://github.com/ensime/ensime-atom/issues/223

I think there’s nothing really inherent problematic - I should be able to delay everything until needed and basically move my stuff out of startup all-together.

After a bit of scuffing stuff around I however feel I don’t really know what’s taking time anymore. I basically moved a lot of require’s until later so package load is really snappy now, but I still have a bit of work to get it out of activation. Currently I don’t even know what is taking so long though.


I feel the need to do real science and actually profile this thing. And this is where I’m having problems right now. I’m trying to make sense of Chrome dev tools profiler but I’m really not seeing anything I understand :slight_smile:

Has anyone any tips and tricks on how to profile an Atom package?

I’m looking at pretty pictures like this:

but I really don’t find any way to track down what my package contributes to…


Success! For me it was important to use a tree-view to turn it upside down. Then I could browse and find that yes, my package is pretty quick to load:

but activation time is bad and I even found the line in my own coffeescript to pin it down:

So guess I’ll try to shortcut this a bit further.