Plugin "groups"



I was wondering if there was a plugin which works like an enhanced “plugin manager”, something which would allow to “group” plugins, and enable/disable/install/uninstall them at the same time in one click.

I’m asking that because I use atom for multiple languages, and having all the plugins loaded at the same time is a waste of resources, and for now, I have to disable each plugin one by one.

Thanks for you answers !


You will find several discussions in this forum on switching “profiles”. There is no package for this as far as I can see.
Giving some thought to this, in theory, ansible playbooks might be written (to disable/enable sets of packages for each “profile”). The ansible scripts can be run using process-palette package. For my own custom usage I am contemplating leveraging PHP for dynamic switching of json/cson files (such as snippets).

[Later edit]
Searching around I found some examples.

Also refer to usage of shell and command here …

Of course you can also forget about ansible if it is too complex (you do not need all its features) and instead
write bash scripts for enabling/disabling/installing/uninstalling atom packages. Each profile bash script can then be run from Atom package process-palette.


Nice, and thanks for the quick answer.
I didn’t know about process-palette, I’m going to use it… with custom bash scripts

Many thanks !


Not necessarily, since this entirely depends on a plugin’s activation event.

Otherwise, apm enable/apm disable can be used