Please provide deltas for Debian packages with debdelta


debdelta is a wonderful tool to create deltas of debian packages which are substantially smaller in size. So, it will be efficient if you can provide deltas of the deb packages.

To create a delta named delta from atom_1.16_amd64.deb to atom_1.17_amd64.deb you use simply this command

debdelta atom_1.16_amd64.deb atom_1.17_amd64.deb delta

I used it and the delta file is 1/3 of the full deb package. In my case, it was 33MB where the full deb file was 94MB.

To restore the deb, one has to grab the delta, and provided that the user already had the older package, he/she can just use this

debpatch delta atom_1.16.0_amd64.deb atom_1.17.0_amd64.deb

I think it’ll be useful feature. The delta can be provided from the last major release to next release, or from most recent 5 releases to the next.

I think it’ll be useful.