Please Provide a Integrated Terminal by default installation atom


Hi atom team,
Past 2 years I’m using vs code and now I’m switching to atom. I tried some external integrated terminal package for atom but it’s not so good. So please provide integrated terminal by default.


What package did you try and what did you expect it to accomplish that it didn’t?


Was this package atom-xterm? If so, please submit a bug report, preferably with a GIF showing the issue. If not, feel free to give it a try.


In addition to atom-xterm, I have also seen terminal-tab and platformio-ide-terminal highly recommended.

We would not want to provide an integrated terminal by default unless we believe that it is of the quality standards that Atom users have come to expect, and we have not had the time to investigate creating one ourselves.

Shop around for a bit, I can almost guarantee you that you’ll find a community terminal package that fits your needs.