Please help to desperate beginner programmer


I’m newbie python programmer and I would like to move from python’s IDLE to Atom notepad. But it’s too difficult because there is not any clickable graphical user interface. I was struggling very much with this:
1, Docs ( are only for Mac computers. All key bindings are described in this way, I feel disctiminated & had hard times sometimes find correct windows shortkey for it to try talked feature.
2, How is possible to edit core -basic - default Atom’s key bindings to mine ? I was googling a lot but didn’t find anything useable. I need just one possiiblity. Not core one and user one set. That’s 2 options and may be in conflict with new packages. And if I make misstake I would need button for reset to default. Would be very handy please.
3, How Atom manages conflicts with new packages different key bindings ?
4, Does have Atom this feature I need ? (please read my post in link)
5, And this one ?
6, This too is still working I hope

Everything is very important for me, please don’t just throw it to trash.
And I would like to say this:
If all Mac users like it’s simplicity, efficiency and high productivity because of non Windows like struggling in settings, programs, updates, bl bla… Windows may easily bring a headache I agree. But why did you make so complicated and impossible to set for beginner like notepad ? It’s absolutelly unreachable thing for newcomer who is used to use clickable easy settings and not to program even own settings. How is this possible for someone ? Please just make step by step guide for example for Python windows transitioners to Atom. It’s so much flustrating to get what we had in ‘normal’ notepads. Atom default packages are not enough and how we may know which packages exist for which purpose ? It’s like finding a needle in haystack.
Please just be considerate to beginner programmers. How may one become an experienced programmer when this barrier is given to him ?

Thanks for understanding ! I appreciate any help

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Why ? Did you have any specific problem ?

But it’s too difficult because there is not any clickable graphical user interface. I was struggling very much with this:

There’s the menu on top, and most things can be reached using the command palette.

Docs are only for Mac computers. All key bindings are described in this way.

Most of the time, it’s a matter of changing cmd for ctrl. But you don’t need to use any keyboard shortcut if it confuse you.

Please just be considerate to beginner programmers.

It looks like you are searching for the right editor / workflow. Maybe you can follow a detailed tutorial on the web. Or pair with a friend and use his workflow.

If your need are very python centric I’d give a look to jetbrains pycharm community edition it’s free and specialized to python.


Absolutelly out of focus. You just made me angry.


@jeancroy is sincerely trying to help. I don’t understand why that would make you angry. At the risk of making you more angry, I will attempt to help too.

The keybindings are mostly for OS X machines, yes. Virtually everything else about the documentation is applicable to all platforms.

That isn’t our intention. Everyone can contribute to the documentation. And, as mentioned, in this issue:

we want to solve this in an elegant fashion. There are only so many people to go around though, so other things have taken priority for now.

The documentation on how to edit key bindings is here:

and here:

If that isn’t helpful, please let us know what it is that isn’t clear and we can help further.

You’ll find the answer to that in the documentation here:

Again, if that isn’t helpful, please let us know what is unclear so that we can provide more help.

Could you give a succinct description of the features you are asking for? Asking people here to go read multiple posts another forum isn’t really respectful of their time. You may get more answers if you help the people who can help you.

Nonetheless, it sounds like the first feature is something that can execute Python scripts from within the editor. I would suggest the script package. The second feature is built-in to Atom or you can find another implementation of it in my tabs-to-spaces package. The third feature, if I am understanding it correctly, is really hard for the editor to guess that deleting the quotes (and only the quotes) is what you want it to do. I’m unfamiliar with a system that will provide that for you.

Atom isn’t designed to be a “beginner-like notepad”. It is “a tool you can customize to do anything”. The price of this customizability is that it is a very complex piece of software. We do attempt to make it as easy as possible to use out of the box, but out of the box it is only a text editor. A text editor is primarily concerned with editing text files and I believe that Atom does a good, though perhaps not yet exemplary, job of this out of the box.

What it sounds like you require is a Python IDE, a solution that is specifically designed for someone that is working with Python. @jeancroy attempted to point you in the direction of something that may be better suited to your needs, JetBrains’ PyCharm Community Edition, but you stated that answer only made you angry.

To be blunt, from my personal experience, there are many barriers to becoming an experienced programmer. One of the biggest, again in my personal experience, is learning to look at things from many different angles in order to solve problems. Atom isn’t creating any barriers that are keeping you from becoming an experienced programmer. I concede that it may not be helping you as much as you would like it to, but I see the situation like this:

You’re trying to cross a rocky and treacherous mountain range, from beginner to expert. If anything, Atom provides a bridge that makes certain parts of the journey easier. Your complaint is that Atom doesn’t provide a bridge that makes your first steps in the mountain range very easy. But Atom isn’t creating the mountain range. It isn’t even making your first steps in the mountain range harder. Atom just isn’t the bridge you want it to be, at least at this time.

I hope that my answers help. Let us know if there is anything else we can clarify!